Press Releases

July 7th, 2020

At this time, Knox Publishing management would like to publicly state that while we have many authors and employees within our company, the views and opinions of those individuals on their personal pages on social media do not always reflect the views and opinions of this company. Here at KP, we look for talent, and do not ask our employees or authors for information on their sex, gender, religious views, political views, disabilities, or sexual orientation.

We evaluate employees and authors solely on their talent. Unless they make these personal characteristics known to us voluntarily, it is not something we ask. We also respect everyone’s right to Freedom of Speech, and would never try to censor our employees or authors. As human beings, we are each entitled to our own views and opinions, regardless of what they are.

However, Knox Publishing has always and will always maintain an all-inclusive and supportive mission within the publishing community. Elizabeth (CEO) has always stressed inclusiveness and compassion. Both women support BLM and LGBTQ+ Equality. We believe that Love is Love, and that as white women not only in this industry, but in the world, we have a duty to use our white privilege to help end racism and ally ourselves with our brothers and sisters of color.

It is also clearly stated in our contracts, that bullying, which includes racism and bigotry of any kind, will not be tolerated, and any employee found to be promoting hatred, whether in private or publicly, can face termination from the company.

We hope that our fellow industry professionals and readers alike know that we are here to listen if you have concern about any of our employees, and that we will address any issues should they arise. We are blessed to have such an outstanding readership and supportive group in this industry, and making sure that everyone is included and welcome is one of our top priorities.

Thank you,

Knox Publishing, LLC Management